Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The "Which" Is In My Room

Here is the conversation last night:

BR : "Momma, I can't go to sleep because there is a which in my room."

Me : "A what?"

BR : "A Which."

Me : "What do you mean?"

BR : "Connor Hux told me about a which in his room."

Me : "Is it a nice which or a mean one?"

BR: "Well, I just don't know."

I just love all these little word mix-ups!! They are just too cute.



Saturday, January 26, 2008

My Sweet Boy

There are a few times in my life that I just want that moment or feeling to last forever, one of those times happened today. As Bella Ruth was opening her brothers' gift Clark ran out of the room and came back quickly. I said something about his gifts and he said, "This is for her too. Here Bella Ruth this is from me." He handed her a folded up dollar out of his piggy bank. Of course my heart skipped a beat and my eyes teared. This was his last dollar that he had saved, the others he has given to the needy through his monthly collection at school(his idea too). Could I be any more proud of my first born? No way. This is the relationship I have prayed for my children to have. I have so longed for them to find that selflessness and compassion with others. My cup runneth over.



Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Our Princess Turns Four

As my daughters fourth birthday comes to a close I reflect on the past with such an amazing little princess. On Sept. 11, 2003 I heard the words I had waited to hear my whole life "It's a girl!!!!" That ultra-sound tech had no idea how the tears would start! I had waited my whole life to have a daughter. The next few months were filled with excitement. We were all pink crazy. Then the day came to meet our little angel... such a beautiful experience. The happy tears flowed freely from her Daddy and I as we heard her first cries. So on special days like these I just love to bask in our blessings. We love you "sweet pea, belly button baby":)


Monday, January 21, 2008

Can she really be turning 4?

I just can't believe that my baby girl is going to be four! She can be such a sweet princess one minute, and then a pouty, whining toddler the next. (Right now she is being the latter). I found these photos from the day she was born. The first one is our official first photo together; then a closeup of her; then my Nana with her first great-granddaughter; and then the first kiss from Bubby to "his baby".

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Our Children

Let's start with our oldest, Clark or Clarkie as we sometimes call him. He is a 6 year old ball of fire. He loves football, basketball, soccer, and baseball. Actually he loves anything involving a ball. He has one of the sweetest personalities that I have ever seen. He loves his little brother and sister immensely. He is always concerned about everyone and taking care of all of us.
Bella Ruth is our 3 year old little princess. She loves everything pink and glittery. She is such a little slow poke and says some of the silliest things. We love to call her "little grandma". She wants to be the big girl at all times, with the exception of bedtime. I just can't seem to get enough of this little doll! She is my girlie girl. What more could a momma want?
Our baby is Will Henry. He is 10 months old and just a little charmer. He loves to smile and run away from his brother and sister. He is such a happy baby. We call him our "little man" or "chunky monkey".
Now, Bella Ruth has a whole different set of names for her brothers. Clark is "bubby or big bubs" and Will Henry is "bubba or little bubs". This is how our blog was named.

The first picture was taken in our backyard for Will Henry's birth announcement. We used a different photograph, but I still like this one.

Clark and Bella Ruth wanted me to post some Halloween photos. They love dressing up. In 2006 Clark was a rodeo clown (his creative idea) and Bella Ruth was a ladybug (taken at my SIL's). This year Clark was a football player, Bella Ruth was a tiger, and Will Henry was a duck. I had hoped that we could have a theme, but the closests I got was a Mizzou football player and Mizzou tiger. There is always next year.....:)


Monday, January 14, 2008

Why blog?

Today I have decided to take the leap from "lurker" to "blogger"! I have been reading a few blogs for almost 3 years now and the blogging bug has hit me. I hope that through this blog we can record our miracle of raising these precious children that we have been blessed with. I'm hoping to keep our family and friends in the loop with our daily life. And I just know that we will make some new blogging friends along our journey.
With love,