Monday, June 23, 2008

Sanibel Post #1

We took these pictures on a fun evening after dinner. This is our favorite time on the beach, except for the no- see um's :)

The shelling was just marvelous! Even Will Henry realized that something neat was being found in the sand.

This is a dolphin right off of the beach. It was about 50 yards from us. We saw dolphins almost every day while we were on the beach.

The kiddos liked swimming in the pool for a change of pace. It was easier to play with Will Henry , and we actually got him to start some swimming.

We found a darling shopping center with a fun water fountain. They also had a little cafe with really nice waiters that we liked to eat at.

This is a courtyard that just had some amazing bushes with the prettiest orange and red flowers. We tried to get some cute shots of the kiddos together, this is the best we could do. :)
We still have another camera to download so stay tuned for Sanibel Post #2!!!


Bridget said...

Your collages turned out great! I love all of the beach pictures you have such a cute family. Looks like a great vacation!

Amy said...

You did great with the collages! I tried it, but I can't get mine to enlarge when you click on it. :-( I'll have to try again later. The kids look adorable! I am going to steal them. My mom loves Bella Ruth! The beach looks wonderful. BUT, enough with the going away! Hurry back from OK, so we can have some fun!

Melanie said...

Your collages are great! I love the pictures of your babies on the beach! It looks like you had a wonderful time!